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I read the article written by Danielle Lee with great interest. Having complained of being stereotyped for her youth, and not being heard or made to feel valid, Danielle starts her article with outdated stereotypical comments. “Old ladies in cafes drinking tea and eating cake. Yes, there a few. Older men drinking in the pub. YEs, there are some.

When I moved to Pevensey Bay – having spent my whole career as an actress and singer – I felt left out too. I didn’t feel sorry for myself, or even have a gentle rant. I used my strengths in the musical world and started a choir. Then two choirs. Now three choirs. We sing everything from Swedish House Mafia and Snow patrol , Ed Sheran and through to Beatles. Ages of choir members go from twenties through to eighties. We also raise thousands of pounds for charities each year.

No, I’m not asking Danielle to start a choir, I’m saying don’t believe the hype. If you have something to say, or do, apply to the Parish Council…they need new blood. Start a social group online for similar aged and like minded young people. Join a volunteer group. Talk to the Castle pub about putting on specific events for your age group.

In other words, it’s all too easy to talk about the symptoms, but think about the cure. What can you do? Don’t let them stem your enthusiasm, Danielle…..get out there and make it happen.

Oh..,and please don’t stereotype . I am more likely to be sitting with a group of 20/30/40/50/60/70 year olds quaffing Prosecco and laughing. I’m sixty, by the way!

Diana Terry FRSA

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DANIELLE LEE: Can you spot what is missing from idyllic Pevensey Bay?