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What a joke the Pevensey Town Trust is turning out to be, incompetent, bombastic and liars.

Here it is five weeks since we read in the Bay Life the response from the chairman of the trust that the planning application for the renovation for the court house and museum was in with Wealden council and imminent for approval.

The danger now is that no work can be carried out on the West wall as winter is almost upon us and nothing will or can be done for another six months. That will take this debacle time scale out to 5 years. Five years of incompetency in the handling of the renovation and they keep blaming others. The west wall could have been repaired years ago but the clerk of the trust refused to do her job and correspond with the owners of the building adjacent to resolve the water ingress into the museum. She should be made to show cause why she is not terminated from her position and sent packing.

It is one thing to be incompetent but to lie about it to both Pevensey Parish council and Westham Parish council’s and blatantly mislead the community shows the utter disregard towards the people of both villages.

I say “SACK THE LOT OF THEM” and get some new blood into the Trust before the entire building collapses around their collective ears!

Jack Sprat

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The Pevensey Town Trust has been invited to respond to this letter.

Response here: Letters: Pevensey Town Trust: We HAVE applied for planning permission from Wealden Council