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THIS WEEK Huw Merriman, MP for Bexhill and Battle: Resignation of Prime Minister

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Bexhill and Battle MP, Huw Merriman, has paid tribute to local teachers, staff and pupils as he spends the party conference week visiting schools across his constituency.

In addition to discussing pressures and challenges on heads, staff and their schools, Mr Merriman is in the classroom, talking to pupils about citizenship, democracy and the role young people can play in their community.

Speaking mid-way through his visits, the MP said “When I emailed all of my constituency schools and asked if there was interest in me coming to the staff room and classroom, I was really pleased to find that my diary quickly became booked up for the entire week. This meant no party conference for me, although it would appear I am in a better setting for discipline!

“It’s a great privilege for me to be in the classroom explaining how our democracy works and how it has evolved over the centuries. This is now a curriculum requirement so it is great to help the schools deliver it. It was also interesting to get the take of our switched-on young people around some of the contemporary political events we are facing, such as leaving the EU, and on some of my local, national and international campaigns.”

After hearing from local headteachers and finance managers, the MP has repeated his call for schools in his constituency to receive more funding to meet the additional costs in the classroom.

“Due to strong lobbying, my constituency schools, on average, received a welcome additional 5% of funding last year from the Government. However, and with additional pressures on payroll, a further injection is needed. It is completely unfair that schools in my constituency can receive up to 50% less than schools in other parts of the country. Pupils in East Sussex should be worth as much as those in every other part of the UK.

“My time with our schools this week has strengthened my resolve to continue campaigning on this front. Our local schools do a great job and will always get my support.”