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COMMUNITY New arts and crafts group launches for Pevensey Bay in January 2019

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sample feature image credits:

Vikki Marshall: Community Canvas, the sea and the groyne
Tony Rose: Teach a man to fish, the symmetry of life
Niki Gortva: The Boat on the Beach

Thank you to everyone that has contributed entries to the Bay Life local photography competition.

We have some extraordinary examples of work sent in by local people.

There are now 6 days left to enter your work.

The total number of photographs entered is now 97.

Voting will begin on the best 20 entries on June 11.

Over the last six days of the entry stage, we will be showing six of best entries from the competition last held in 2014, one each day, together with the comments of the judges.

There is is remarkable range of talent on show, and we hope that the winning entry will also come to be one of the images selected to be one of the ten ‘wish you were here’ postcards representative of the local area, sold online and in local locations by the EtsyBay project which launched yesterday (4 June).

At last four or five of the pieces of work as seen so far have been described as ‘breathtaking’.

Good luck everyone!!!

About the Bay Life local photography competition
Please note maximum entries per person, is three,  please send by we transfer to info@pevenseybaylife.co.uk

We are looking for entries that represent an aspect of the locality in some way.

More information here, together with details of the previous winning photograph.

Bay Life Local Photography competition 2018

Opening date for entries Friday 11 May 2018
Closing date for entries Monday 11 June 2018
Voting 12 June for two weeks, to 10:00pm Sunday 24 June
Winner and second and third places announced Monday 25 June

The winner of the second of these annual Bay Life competitions,The Storm, by Gary Sadler