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Photojournalist joins the journal

The work of Steve Malone is utilised by a number of local news outlets. He is joining the Pevensey Bay Journal to work on a number of one-off projects and some local news stories. Steve will also be working on the Christmas edition with “the twelve local organisations of Christmas”.

Below is a short exhibition of some of his recent work including, Sunday 22nd Sept (World Car Free Day) for the Eastbourne safe-cycling group Bespoke, which held a cycle procession calling for a safe cycling route along Eastbourne’s seafront and the Eastbourne Greenpeace Group and hundreds of residents who took to the streets in UK’s biggest climate strike on 20 September.

Steve who is a volunteer with the Eastbourne Greenpeace group said , ‘The UK Government has been saying the right things about climate change, but talk is cheap and worthless without genuine and effective action. They should put their money where their mouth is and do what’s needed. If the kids who’ve been out protesting for a year now are going to have decent lives, we need to see big changes.’