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IMAGE CREDIT: Museum of Zoology, Cambridge

The news that Lynns Travel, based in Eastbourne, is to consider setting up a coach tour to see the Pevensey Whale, skeleton sited at the Musuem of Zoology in Cambridge, has excited interest today amongst a number of residents.—Bay Life 3 May 2018

Story of Pevensey Whale whale featured extensively in the press

The story of the whale, which has been in featured by the BBC and extensively featured in the pages of Bay LIfe, saw the culmination of the story, with the opening of the gallery to display the giant whale skeleton in Cambridge at the end of March 2018.

Bay LIfe said (27 March) “The Pevensey Bay Fin Whale goes on show in Cambridge. Congratulations to the staff at the Museum of Zoology in Cambridge. Wonderful hard graft work over many years. The lower gallery opens to the public today.

“Time perhaps for the hire of an old fashioned charabanc style bus from those lovely people at Seaford and District Buses to see the extraordinary exhibit. And how cool might it be if there was to be a permanent exhibition at the place where the story began, here in Pevensey Bay”.

The possibility that Lynns Travel may now set up a coach tour to Cambridge, that includes a visit to the museum, adds an interesting new dimension to the story, that began here in Pevensey Haven..

Given the quality, service and delivery of all the tours that Lynns Travel promotes, the prospect of local people looking up at the suspended glory of the Pevensy Whale in the new annexe in Cambridge, as part of of the tour programme to Cambridge, would be exciting to people with an interest in the story.

Lynns Travel told Bay LIfe today (3 May) , ‘a manager is looking the possibilities and will be in touch”.