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Campaigners met again recently to plan further activities to ensure that the County Council’s proposal to close Ore’s library along with 6 others across East Sussex is not forgotten.

The consultation continues until 14th December. So far 1400 people have signed the local petition.

On 2nd December, they will be outside Ore’s Co-op to talk to shoppers and encourage them to make their voices heard by completing the formal consultation as well as the petition.

On 12th December, local campaigners along with those from the other threatened libraries will be gathering for a protest outside County Hall in Lewes at 9 o’clock prior to the Cabinet meeting. Everybody who can make it is encouraged to attend with posters, books and dressed as a character from a book.

Local councillor, Richard Street, is delighted with the response: “I haven’t met a single person in the local area who wants to lose our library which is such an important part of the local community not only for books but as a focal point for information about what’s going on and to use the computers which are essential for claiming benefits, applying for jobs and many other services.”

Local artist and teacher, Sue Warren said: “Without access to Reading and Education for all, we will be ‘third world’. Not everyone can travel to Hastings Town Centre Library, or access digital services. Real books cannot be replaced by a screen. Let’s stop the closure of Ore Library.