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Annual Community Grant
Pevensey Parish Council is pleased to announce that its Annual Community Grants is now open!
Each year the Council extends the opportunity to local community groups, charities or voluntary organisations to apply for a financial grant from the Parish Council.
There are certain criteria that must be met to be eligible for a community grant, these are set out in the Council’s Grants Policy which is available to either download from the council’s website or is available from the Clerk.
Terms and conditions do apply.
Application forms and supporting documents should be returned to Sarah Mosedale, Clerk no later than midday on Friday 11th October 2019 when the application process closes.
If you require any further information, then please email the Clerk at pevenseypc@outlook.com
The Clerk
5 September 2019

Bay Life says, Pevensey Parish Council is now an engaged organisation in the affairs of the community. The three year plan that they began to develop in January this year, following their savvy survey with all the householders here, has made a demonstrable difference to the perception of their work in this community. The open bidding process for these small community grants is another example of how they are reaching out to parishioners in the hope that new community initiatives can be kick started.