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People from all sections of the community turned out to protest against the closure of the library, at Pevensey Bay Library this morning. Young and old waved their placards, and were rewarded with lots of toots and smiles from passing motorists.—Friends of Pevensey Bay Library, 2 December 2017

Friends of Pevensey Bay Library gets key message across to East Sussex County Council— statutory duty to provide funding for our library

“Local libraries matter too!’ said one placard in response to the recent announcement of plans to refurbish the central libraries at Eastbourne and Lewes.

‘25 minutes to the central library- really?!’ was the message on another, responding to the claim in the county’s proposed library strategy.

Spokesperson for FPBL, Margaret Martin, said “The key message to get across is that ESCC need to do their statutory duty and provide funding for our library.”

She continued, “It’s about looking again at their priorities. Our library is a really valuable community asset, it brings visitors in to the Bay, they spend money on local cafes, hairdressers, shops. It reaches out to the housebound in our community. It encourages reading for pleasure by children and adults, and provides assistance with computers. Our library assistant is always friendly and helpful, she consistently delivers a good quality service to young and old. We don’t want to lose her.”

More than sixty people turned out on a chilly damp morning, and at the end new friendships were made, “That’s community, and we’ve only just started.” said FPBL supporter, Patti Charley.

The county consultation period ends on 14 Dec. If people have not responded, FPBL urges them to do so soon. More details about their campaign, and links to their own survey are on this website www.friendsofpevenseybaylibrary.org

IMAGE CREDIT: Friends of Pevensey Bay Library