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THIS WEEK Plans begin to see Pevensey Bay and locality become ‘homegrown festival showcase'

COMMUNITY Life of local campaigner, Jan Barron, to be celebrated in the community with a new award


UPDATE: £1,445.65 raised to date (Friday 6 December)!!! Target figure was £500. Sponsorship forms available at Ocean View Bakery, Pevensey Bay. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, —Kirsty Bundy, 6 December 2019

For dad, husband and grandad: Fighting for people suffering from asbestos-related diseases, whatever the weather

Please can you sponsor us, we are doing a charity walk from Pevensey Bay to Dungeness on Saturday 7th December whatever the weather, rain or shine.

This is in memory of our dad husband and grandad who has recently passed away to an asbestos related disease.

We are raising money for HASAG, however big or small, every donation is appreciated, so please support us on this approx 40 miles walk.
—Mary Bundy


about HASAG
HASAG is a charity dedicated to helping people suffering from asbestos-related diseases and their families throughout the South of England, South East, London and Home Counties. Providing a complete source of help and support for anyone with an asbestos-related disease and their loved ones.