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THIS WEEK Arrival of Reverend Tony Windross as Priest in Charge at St. Nicolas church, Pevensey

COMMUNITY JUST THE TICKET: New film season begins at Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay

EVENTS Booted and Suited for 2018: All systems go for Vehicles of Yesteryear in Pevensey Bay


From our very own Pevensey Bay based artist, musician, illustrator, photographer, web graphics creator, is there no end to the creative skills of Zixa Stupkova?— Bay Life 5 December 2017

Beautiful Sussex in Painting
Ziza says “Original gift – 2018 Wall Calendar Beautiful Sussex in Painting with 12 paintings by local artist! Make yourselves (or your friends and family) happy for only £10 Order your Calendar before they’re gone at zizas.co.uk

Note posts: Between 6 November and 20 November we lost all our posts and images. We are spending some of December ensuring that key missing posts are restored as accurately as is practicable. First restored masterpiece image award goes to the one and only Ziza Stupkova.

Visit Ziza S. for more information about the 2018 calendar and her work here.