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image credit: Mrs McGoo

Mrs McGoo with her homemade Scottish Tablet confectionery company hits Pevensey Bay on Thursday 6 December at the Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant

In the first of a number of trial run rehearsals of her 10 minute roadshows, Mrs. McGoo will be offering round samples of her special melt in the moment homemade Scottish confectionery.

To book a table for the taste sensation moment, add a I:30pm booking in your Ocean View diary and after your dessert, you will hit the 2:30pm ten minute roadshow moment as a little extra to send you on your sweet way.

Think fudge, but think a much lighter flaky texture, think subtlety with flavours, and ask if you can sample the special oranges and lemons flavour samples.

And of course think Christmas special little gifts at the foot of the tree. with beautiful packaging as part of the show for the little ones, loved ones, family and friends. Orders will be taken on the day, delivery by hand in Pevensey Bay.

And did we mention that Mrs McGoo used to work for Thornton’s? Think perhaps we should.

Is Mrs Goo headed for Dragon’s Den or Harrod’s?

Time will tell.

The 10 minute roadshow rehearsal will be photographed at the Ocean Bakery, ready for the launch of the state of the art Mrs Magoo web platform nationwide on Friday 7 December.

More information about Mrs McGoo and her Scottish tablet confectionery here.

Saturday feature: Mrs McGoo and her homemade Scottish Tablet confectionery business comes to Pevensey Bay for product launch