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Election Day on May 2
All candidates standing for both elections can be viewed here on the Wealden Council website

Here we publish the statement made by Dianne Dear who is standing as your Independent Wealden District Councillor. Dianne Dear is also the publisher of Bay Life and the Pevensey Bay Journal, which she cites in her statement as examples of her work in the community.




My name is Dianne Dear and I am standing as your Independent Wealden District Councillor

I have lived in Westham and Pevensey Bay for over 40 years with my husband Ron and brought up our two children locally schooled , have run my businesses in Westham and Pevensey Bay and loved every minute of it.

You can contact me with your issues on 01323 764314 Or email me at dianne.dear@icloud.com

Since 2003 when I was encouraged to stand for Wealden District Council I have been elected subsequently over the years and have been very grateful for your strong support.

Working hard for our community as District Councillor is paramount.

I have always been available to discuss your main concerns no matter how small with council community issues and will continue to do so, including mindless vandalism, irresponsible dog walkers allowing fowling on our streets and our beaches, important mental health problems and issues

I will be holding a walk-in surgery on Monday 15th April 3.30 to 4.30 in the Castle Inn cottage room for anyone that would like to talk to me about matters that concern them.

Since the new boundary commission change Pevensey Bay will only have one District Councillor to support you.

Over the years as your Wealden District Councillor I have built up an excellent track record of attendance at council and committees. At present I sit as Deputy Chairman on Planning Committee South

With your support on May 2nd 2019 I can continue to work as your caring District Councillor

Last year I worked with County Councillor Tom Liddiard campaigning to get a pedestrian crossing for our increasingly busy main high street in Pevensey Bay

An abundance of new housing means our roads are becoming more congested.

I have worked and supported our MP Huw Merriman

I have contacted on more than one occasion our police commissioner Katy Bourne with regard your concerns on illegal parking issues

I will carry on trying to get some positive response from her.

My passion at Wealden has been to secure sustainable planning policies, fighting for your course for our community and not allowing ludicrous planning applications to go through unchallenged.

Preserving our village for generations to come and maintaining a lovely village to live in nd be proud of.

I am a great believer in supporting our local shops, pubs and businesses

If we don’t use them we lose them.

Supporting our coastal defences, after 2025 I would like to see another contract developed that is more productive and environmentally friendly to our community

Hopefully the Environment Agency/Defra will create positive results to keep us safe.

Tourism in Wealden is very important, Pevensey Bay has lots to offer and has a wonderful amount of history, including the Pevensey Fin Whale washed up on our beach in 1865, the largest skeleton now sits in Cambridge museum.

The Bay Hotel has been a regular holiday spot for the Goons, Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe and Peter Sellars, Tony Hancock, Sabrina and many more

I developed a website 6 years ago to help promote our community called www.pevenseybaylife.co.uk

This has grown enormously and helps to promote the businesses in our community alongside positive news which many locals log onto on a daily basis, constantly reviewing local issues and stories that are close to your hearts within Wealden and Pevensey Bay

Recently we produced a local newspaper called The Journal that is also very readable and popular, promoting more community stories.

With your strong support again on May 2nd 2019 I look forward to becoming your Independent Wealden District Councillor.

For those that cannot get to the polling station you can ring Wealden District Council on 01892 602407 electoral services for postal polling envelopes.

Dianne Dear.

District Councillor candidates and Parish Council candidates can contact us here with their media releases, we publish all media releases received
—Bay Life