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Founding meeting of the business quarter association reveals sketch of logo

Bay Life can reveal that following the founding meeting of the business quarter, here in Pevensey Bay (October 30), that the new association is to promote the businesses working in the units in the Bay Works area of Pevensey Bay and around the area, with a new logo. The association has released a sketch of the logo they plan to promote the area.

The logo, which they plan to position on a piece of timber from the beach, is to be a marker to the new area,  a kind of footfall pointer like a heritage trail sign.

The marker is planned to list unit numbers for the businesses working in the light industrial building and the surrounding businesses and area.

Membership of the association is open to any business or organisation working out of the area,.

Talking to Bay Life this morning (November 1), Hayley Dawson, secretary and treasurer of the association, said that she ‘loved the ideas and comments”.

Membership forms are available from Secretary of the association, Hayley Dawson on 01323 765898, Unit 1 Bay Works, Marine Road, Pevensey Bay.