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Branding of Pevensey Community Support and the Big Silver Bus praised for implementation

The branding of Pevensey Community Support online has been described as ‘near on inspirational’, by the production team behind the Pevensey Bay Journal.

Pevensey Community Support has grown out of the Pevensey Senior Support Group. Their new website is bright, easily accessible and informative.

One of the team said, “when we saw the website, we thought, this is good to go”.

“There is a dynamic bright contextualised graphic as a lead, together with bite sized chunks of text,,  nicely done and appealing and so simply done, these kinds of website are the hardest act to pull off, because there is always a temptation to include too mucb stuff on the homepage, what is required is one message. Here with the introduction, both with the visual and content, the website is near on inspirational as a local example of what can be done”

He added, the context of the project is described well, “Pevensey Community Support (PCS) is a local charity looking to provide social opportunities to the residents of Pevensey Bay and Pevensey”

“They go on to say, We are looking at more opportunities to reduce isolation and increase social opportunities to our residents. We welcome ideas and suggestions from within our community”.

“There is a sense that with the notion of ‘social opportunity’ that we are seeing a wider context embraced.

“There is an extension of the role of the project to introduce questions about young people and support, as organisers explain, to cover the whole of our community, including young people, single people, disabled people and anyone else who would like to socialise and be part of this vibrant local society”.

“The addition of ‘the big silver bus’ now in the branding, is a neat touch and something tangible. People will see the bus in a new light in and around Pevensey and Pevensey Bay”.

Talking about the project today (November 2), organisers say “Pevensey Community Support has some spaces at its popular Tuesday Lunch Club. The club is for older people living in Pevensey and Pevensey Bay and is held at the Ethel Wood Hall on Coast Road. It’s just £5 to come and enjoy good company, good food and happy chatter. We can arrange transport in our big silver bus too”.

“If you, or someone you know would like to come and join us please give either Gill or Daniel a ring on 01323 767615 or 01323 76591″.

The branding of Pevensey Community Support is a textbook example of how local community projects can connect with the digital age.

The rebranding of Pevensey Community Support is pointing in the right direction of travel with their big sliver bus and new identity and themes.

Congratulations to the team behind this project.

Pevensey Community Support