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The new residents association that was founded in August to support ‘Timberlaine Road and the environs’ has contacted Bay Life to give details of their second meeting.

Talking to Bay Life, Brian Stiff, the association secretary explained the next meeting of the association is on Thursday 27 September at the Bay Hotel, 7:00—8:30pm.

The association saw 27 people packed into a small room at the Castle Inn for their launch meeting.

With standing room only, local residents expressed their concerns about what is being seen as the ‘overdevelopment’ of the mobile home site, formally known as Martello Beach, that is sited next door to the roads where the residents live.

Support for the association appears to be growing.

Bay Life understands the organisation aims ‘to support the wellbeing of the residents that live in Timberlaine Road in Pevensey Bay and the immediate environs”

Articles of association talk about three key objectives.

i) To actively engage with the owners of the park holiday home sited next door to the road with the intention of seeking meaningful dialogue.

ii) To support the residents in the expression of their views of their circumstances with regard to planning applications that directly impinge on their enjoyment of their residency in the road and environs

iii) To support the objectives of the organisation in relation to communications between residents with the goal of enhancing further the shared voice of people that live in the road and environs. and in that process, to maintain and develop their shared sense of wellbeing.

On behalf of the association Secretary, Brian Stiff, has submitted an objection to the application WD/2018/1511/FA (28 August) to Wealden Council by owners of the site, Park Holiday Homes UK.

In the objection in the first of 6 key point he says “Re planning applications No. WD/2018/1534/FA and WD/2018/1511/FA. in relation to Pevensey Bay Caravan Park (formally Martello Beach), Eastbourne Road, Pevensey Bay.

“At the meeting of the Timberlaine Road Residents Association on 23rd August 2018 it was agreed that the Association will oppose the applications for the following reasons:-

“The extension of the period that the park can be used for is unsuitable for this area. The park is in a residential area and the park is designated as a camping/holiday park and no caravan shall be occupied as a persons sole or main place of residence”.

The association is also considering talks to be given by local public services as part of their meetings, something which the members are to discuss at the second meeting.

Bay Life looked at this aspect of the potential work of the association in the story Bobby on the Beat returns to Timberlaine Road in Pevensey Bay.

One of the first people to be invited to give a talk to the association, we understand, is retired police officer, Paul Smith.

He was a well known bobby on the beat in Brighton and moved, with wife Annie, to Beachlands in Pevensey Bay.

The couple are now based in Eastbourne, but are regular visitors to the Bay on a weekly basis, the place they say is their first love, in particular Beachlands.

Paul says about bis work with the Pevensey Bay Journal, “in the absence of a community beat officer here in Pevensey Bay, I am posting a kind of crime prevention section, one of my jobs was to give crime prevention talks to various bodies.”

His talks are in three sections, starting with his consideration, “what do we do now that there is no longer the Bobby on Beat?”.

Local resident Margaret Cutting commented rightly (15 September) “No one I have spoken to in Timberlaine Road knows anything about this new residents association. Please could someone give details”.

What is interesting about the remit being established by the new residents association is that there appear to be some examples of ‘best practice’ emerging with the new body.

In terms of organisation, campaigning and supporting the notion of ‘shared wellbeing’, some of what is being done at a most local community level, appears to have hit the right note with residents.

Perhaps some of what is being done will inspire other new possible residents associations to form on the same ‘micro-basis’.

Clearly there are possibilities that such organisations could impact in a positive way a shared sense of wellbeing in particular roads and environs in Pevensey Bay.

The Bay Hotel is increasingly being seen as a focal point for debate and discusison in the community with a series of upbeat events.

The hotel has played host to a Big Book Fayre to support the work of the Friends of Pevensey Bay Library this year and is also to host a pop up exhibition of ‘famous signatures’, documenting the names of comedy legends and’ socialites’ that stayed at the hotel in the 1950s.

To help the possible development of these new kinds of association, Bay Life and the Pevensey Bay Journal are to offer space to these organisations to promote their meetings and deliberations.