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A new residents association in Pevensey Bay, based around the Timberlaine Road, saw success last night with an entertaining informal talk given by retired policeman Paul Smith.

Paul with wife Annie both have a long association with the Bay, describing Beachlands as ‘their first love’,.

Last night (Tuesday 8 January) Paul offered a talk about ‘Communications and Community Policing’.

The informal talk included some of his experiences as a bobby on the beat in Brighton for 23 years and practical advice about security questions.

After breaking down a door following the concern of neighbours that an elderly man might be dead inside, he was somewhat surprised to find that the man was simply snoring inside.

Proding the man, who suddenly sprang to life, Paul recounted how the false teeth of the man jumped out landing straight in the lap of his police coat. Paul ended this part of his talk by explaining that he smiled and simply gave them back to the man..

As well as anecdotes and illustrations, Paul talked about the thin blue line, the absence of bobbies on the beat and the potential value of the new residents assocation to te Bay.

He praised the group suggesting, “perhaps what you are doing will see other local residents association being formed”.

One of the most interesting parts of the meeting, which was attended by 15 or more local people from the road and flats adjoining the road, was the description of various locks and bolts on garages and sheds and what burglers do in various circumstances.

In relation to breaking into houses, another interesting element of the talk was the part in which he explained why a burgler initially might be more concerned not to hear a dog at all as he enters a house.

There was an informal discussion, which included the break-ins at garages located at the end of the road before Christmas, and then perhaps the most interesting aspect of the meeting of all.

A new member of the ssociation suggested that a whats app grouo be formed to pass information down the road if anything immediately suspicious is seen.

This close group system is instantaneous, passing the equivalent of notes in doors in seconds.

If implemented by the Tiimberlaine Road Residents Association, such a scheme would not be the first in the country, there must be many, already, but quite possibly the first for this part of Sussex.

Paul Smith commented, “interesting, because of course if a few house numbers in the road were using what’s app, the information would get down the road very quickly”.

The residents association meeting took place at the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay last night, Tuesday 8 January. The venue was kindly offered free of charge to the association by manager Karen Hudson and her savvy team.