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Writing to Bay Life (September 10), devoted dad Lee, who lives in Lingfield in Surrey, told us the story of his six year old daughter and her amazing films of the mini species on Pevensey Bay Beach.

He said, “Six-year old Tori and I spent several night’s recently camping under the stars on the beach, fishing and exploring Pevensey Bay.

He added “we have been making movies from our days and nights on the beach – beach fishing, rock pooling and seeing amazing sunrises using time-lapse and slow-motion videography”

He explained what they had done from a technical point of view, “speeding it up and slowing it down, to see all of the amazing detail that is easily missed by the human eye”

Lee wanted to pay tribute to the Angler’s Den, based here in North Road, Pevensey Bay, soon to celebrate 30 years service in the community.

Lee said, “many thanks to Anglers Den for the lovely article they wrote and helping to spread the joy of nature and the lovely memories Tori and I have made together”.

Talking about “the simple things missed by the everyday person”, Lee promoted the work of his daughter (with a little help from dad) with a simple mantra, “time-lapse, slow-motion, let’s speed it up & take it slow”.

Embracing the ethos behind the project, he said, “the movies are made by my six year old daughter with the joy of all things in the natural world.

He added “she is eager to save our lovely planet for everyone in this and the next generations to come. Let’s all do our best for the lovely places we take for granted. Save our seas and bees. Look after each other, unite as one and save what we have.

On Tor’s Instagram and YouTube channel, Lee introduces one of the timelapse sequences, produced by his daughter by saying “Tor’s magical movies channel youtube, late night footage of a rock pool when all the sea creatures come out to play.. hermit crabs, cuttle fish eggs hatching, cockles, mussels, limpets,long arm crab, butter clams,lugworm…”

To view all of Tori’s beautiful videos, You can subscribe to her YouTube here.