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THIS WEEK St Nicolas church shows results of ‘heritage crime’ with the message, ‘weep Pevensey'

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IMAGE CREDIT: Marin Williamson/Cobbybrook

Another vintage style travel poster, this time of Pevensey Castle from the talented Yorkshire based artist, Martin Williamson, who paints under the name Cobbybrook

Martin contributed to the funds of St. Nicolas church in Pevensey in 2016 and 2107 with his illustrations set as postcards to help raise money in the restoration of the church, is to see his work featured in the new Pevensey Gazette.

His work which he sees as being about “a sense of time and place” have been praised by both the National Churches Trust and The Churches Conservation Trust.

He says, “the landscape is my focus: its ever-changing moods, forms, forces, light and weather. Sometimes buildings will take centre-stage, buildings hewn from the local rock, ancient buildings that could almost be an organic extension of the land and the rock itself. Man isn’t present in my work, only the hand of Man – Man and Landscape together, living, working, evolving, dying..”.

Working with the name ‘Cobbybrook’ as an online pseudonym, his paintings hang in private collections throughout the world and organisations such as The Friends Of Friendless Churches, The National Churches Trust and The Stowe House Preservation Group own original paintings.

Martin’s work has been featured in numerous publications, including: the Yorkshire regional magazine ‘The Dalesman’ (May 2011), The Yorkshire Post newspaper (June 2011), The Guardian website (June 2011), regional magazine ‘Northern Life’ (Spring 2013), the Channel island’s magazine ‘Sark Life’ (Issue 14, Summer 2014) and the Pevensey Bay journal (October 2016) .

This new series of vintage style travel posters, with their typography, have the look and feel of a thirties style approach that were seen in railway posters of the age and in posters produced by Shell that advertised key heritage monuments such as Stonehenge

Some of these posters were painted for Shell by well known artists such as Graham Sutherland under the theme of the strapline “Visit Britian’s Landmarks, You can be sure of Shell”

Perhaps a strapline will emerge to promote the work of Martin Williamson to accompany his new thirties style vintage travel poster paintings of Pevensey.

Perhaps also we will be seeing more of his work in the locality to promote Pevensey castle, and St. Nicolas church in Pevensey.

In relation to our fragile visitor destination audience, here is someone whose work could become of significance.

The thirties feel is carefully engineered and the work conveys the same sense of beauty, time and place as with all his work.

Visit Local Landmarks—Come with a sense of place and Cobbybrook.

As St Nicolas church Pevensey said yesterday (22 October), “check out this fabulous artwork by one of our biggest supporters.”

Enquires about how to buy this poster are available here from his website.