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Peter Barron, No PLace to Go

Local singer songwriter, Peter Barron, today (Sunday 25 November) previews a break out song on Soundcloud.

Peter is big follower of T Rex and known for his well crafted tunes with notable lyrics .

His last album, One More Crow, was published by Copro Records, a specialist indie label based in Henley.

They argued, “we always make sure we release stuff on Copro that we are 100% behind and believe in. If a demo is still being played in the office a week later, it stands some chance”.

The standard of music is such that it is possible to imagine tracks appearing on a BBC4 documentary, specialist radio stations, social media advertising campaigns for companies or even airplay on the mainstream radio channels.

Catchy is the word for the songs. And catchy in a way that draws on an era of music that is beginning to resonate again now.

As well as writing the compositions, Peter sings and plays guitar.

By day, Peter is a furniture restorer, but his spare time is taken up with restoring the early seventies to its rightful place in the cannon of musical history.

It all started with Peter riding a white swan in the shadow of Windsor Castle in 1970. Born in the winter of 1957 in the shadow of Windsor Castle (but sadly lacking any blue blood as he emphasises), he first picked up a guitar at the age of 14 after hearing ‘Ride a White Swan’ on the radio.

He explains that, “I immediately put it down again as I hadn’t a clue how to play it – but after a while, the necessary two chords were mastered and I went on to play in various rock and pop ensembles throughout the 70s and 80s”.

The music, draws from various strands of key influence.

“At the beginning of the 21st Century,” he explains, “I was reborn and rocking with a new attitude, new guitar (new hat) and a whole host of new and original tunes”.

The Pevensey Bay Journal, which closely follows his work said (26 August 2018), “we are all of us in the gutter of punk, but some of us are looking at the glitterballs—we have been following the musical career of local musician, Peter Barron, who lives in Coast Road, Pevensey Bay for a number of years. His new album may see him making a step change on his musical journey”.

Commenting on the sneak preview of the new rap song on Soundcloud this weekend, Simon Montgomery, editor of the Pevensey Bay Journal said, “I think this song might be the one, hard hitting message, but listen carefully and there is a redemptive message.

“A sneak preview with the song just stays with you, the feel of the song and hooks and the way the song debates is beautiful. No Place to Go is a curiosity and the uplifting feel and downward spiral with the lyrics is just beautifully turned .

“I note what someone has already said in comment on the song on Soundcloud, it’s great, it’s great, actually it’s perfect, I just love it.,

“Somewhere in this song is the slight sight and feel of walk on the Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed.

“In my view, No Place to Go is the best thing that Peter Barron has done, Punk and Pevensey alliterate. There is every place for Peter Baron to go, and I think that mainstream airplay of this song and the possibility of success at last is in grasp of Peter Barron, and that is a rap.

“In the form of his songs we are beginning to see interest from productions, films and possibility documentaries.

“There is every place for this man to go.

“The possibility of seeing this song in a film trailer, for example,  is manifest, and if after all his hard graft, this man makes things work with his music, could not happen to a nicer chap”.

The preview of No Place to Go is here on Souncloud

The Peter Barron music platform is here