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image credit: Westham Community News

Campaigners that post to Westham Community News say they are seeking “a better resolution for our treasured pond”.

The long standing campaign to see more transparency from Westham Parish Council has resulted in condemnation of their actions over many months.

Parish Council meetings have descended into chaos with parishioners described as ‘clowns’ by a councillor at one of their recent meetings.

A meeting held in October was described as ‘dysfuntional’ by the Pevensey Bay Journal.

Talking to the Pevensey Bay Journal,  Kate Colbran  said “The council have shown that they are not here to serve the village as they should do.

“After attending their council meetings I have seen for myself they can not be bothered with the pond, the village or what the people of the village have to say.

“Disappointed to say the least and think they should stand down and be replaced by people who actually care”.

The response of Westham Parish Council appears to be to ignore what parishioners are saying.

The last communication by Westham Parish Council available for parishioners to browse about the pond is a statement explaining, “residents are invited to look at the attached Draft Management Plan and let the Chairman know their comments by 12th November 2018″. There is also an invitation to view a draft management plan.

A campaigner says this morning (December 4), “Good morning on this unusually warm December day .

“I have attached some photos of the pond from my commute this morning !!!

“I have heard various people comment on how great the pond looks and there are ducks back yes but that does not mean all is well sadly. Due to the rainfall and the half hearted attempt at desilting our pond and spending somewhere around £60,000 or more of Parishoners money does appear from the bank side that the pond is healing from its appalling neglect however dive below the surface and silt is still there.

“The end furthest from the Hall is still even after all this rain is still filled with weeds , and silted up

“The inlet has not been found and the banks completely neglected. We were asked to ask questions and comment on a management plan by the last meeting however this was unachievable as it had not been created so it appeared very tokenistic .

“Please continue to push for a better resolution for our very treasured pond”