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Do we have a young star musician in our midst?

Bay Life hopes to be in a position to review the extraordinary virtuosity of 14 year old, David French, with his performance of 66 Tons, along with his father, Chris French, as soon as the video is posted to YouTube later today.

Do we have a young star musician in our midst?

Simon Montgomery, editor of Bay Life commented “this young man is clearly extraordinary and I agree with what local people are saying, this young man is clearly gifted.

“Whilst I was looking at the clip this morning, all I could think was “blimey, this young man is only 14 and look at what he is doing, while his guitar gently sings”.

“We hope people browsing Bay Life this morning will enjoy seeing the clip when we review the performance later today”.

UPDATE: Here is the YouTube clip. Try the guitar break that starts at 3:45, judge for yourselves.