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Our vision is for a thriving, economically active rural Sussex full of choice and opportunities for everyone, regardless of their circumstances.
—Action in Rural Sussex

The confirmation yesterday (November 26) by Pevensey Parish Council that Action in Rural Sussex will be here in Pevensey Bay over the next three months is important news with regard to the regeneration of local business and business support here in both Pevensey Bay and Pevensey.

So often both communities have been ignored with grant provision, the provision of business support and attention on the kinds of specific rural development that we desperately need if we are to survive and flourish as two small business communities.

Pevensey has a historic legacy, a key chapter in the story of England began in Pevensey. Pevensey Bay also has a unique story to tell . We are a small coastal location with an eclectic mix of  life, legend and spirit, sometimes known as the hidden jewel in the crown of Sussex.

So why has all the business support that is available ignored the locality for so long, why have our acute needs and aspirations as two business communities been treated as if we are some kind of afterthought?

Things may begin to change in 2019,

The arrival of Action in Rural Sussex may mark the first step change in our fortunes with attention on the specific kinds of business development that we so desperately need.

New lifeblood here in terms of business profile and attention in key aspects of the profile of the communities as visitor destinations is vital.

So much could be done to promote the localities. So little value to a wider audience is being seen. So little is being done. This might be about to begin to change.

Some new business that understand the wider context here that could tune in to each community could be transformative.

The purchase of the Mint House by Jason Rolf and the creative vision of the company that now owns the site is an inspiration.

Amati Global Investors , which now owns the Mint House in Pevensey, is a specialist fund management business based in Edinburgh.

As the company explains “Andrea Amati made the earliest known violin, and his grandson Nicolo Amati was the first great violin maker. Nicolo is reported to be the teacher of Antonio Stradivari, the most famous maker in the history of the instrument.

“In choosing this name for the business we are setting our sights high to bring world-class craftsmanship, with the thoughtfulness, skill, care and attention to detail that this brings with it, to the ever shifting and hugely demanding job of constructing robust, responsive, and brilliantly performing portfolios of investments”.

Dr Paul Jourdan co-founded Amati Global Investors following the management buyout of Noble Fund Managers from Noble Group in January 2010.

For seven years he was the non-executive director of Sistema Scotland, a Scottish registered charity founded by Richard Holloway, set up in 2008 in the belief that children can gain huge social benefits by playing in a symphony orchestra.

Sistema Scotland uses music making to foster confidence, teamwork, pride and aspiration in the children taking part – and across their wider community. The name Sistema comes from the orchestra movement established in Venezuela in 1975 by Maestro José Antonio Abreu.

Dr Paul Jourdan has a PhD from the University of Cambridge. His doctorate is about the visit of Mendelssohn to this country between 1829-37.

Amati has a track record in Scotland of working big time with the arts. Here in Kent and Sussex, which may explain their link to the purchase of the Mint House in Pevensey, they donated money to Applause Rural Touring

As Amati explains on their website, “Applause Rural Touring is one of four Kent based arts companies to be awarded investment from the Arts Council England with their Catalyst Small Grants Programme.

“The Catalyst Fund was launched to support small to medium scale organisations to build fundraising capacity, enabling them to attract more private giving to arts and culture.

“Applause is a charity, working at the heart of local communities and with artists and performing companies to provide affordable, challenging and inspiring performances that can be enjoyed in familiar places.

Applause said, “We are delighted to be one of the 117 arts organisations across the UK to receive Catalyst funding from the Arts Council. This funding means that we will be able to streamline and target our fundraising activity and invest in systems and training for our staff and trustees. Developing new strands of income is essential to support the ambitious and inspiring work we do with communities, and with artists, commissioning them to make, produce and tour exciting new work in Kent and Sussex. Ultimately it will help Applause become more sustainable and resilient in the future.”

“With cuts to public funding, individual and private giving will be key to financial sustainability, and with the Catalyst funding supporting the development of Giving It Large, Applause Rural Touring is looking to the future, investing in development, systems and training, to support the organisation’s many strands of work and projects across the region.

The potentially significant role of Amati here in this corner of Sussex with the purchase of the Mint House in Pevensey is yet to be seen.

So how cool is the fact that someone of the calibre of Dr Paul Jourdan and his company, Amati, now own the Mint House?

How cool can this become in the next five years from the point view of business, the arts and creativity in Pevensey?

Perhaps the community in Pevensey is only just beginning to grasp the sense of potential and possibilities for the Mint House over the next five years.

Jason Rolf, who purchased the Mint House, is the Sales Manager (South of England & S.Wales) for Amati.

The Amati website tells us that he co-founded London Derivatives Options Software Ltd, a software firm that produced one of the first commercially available option pricing models in London.

The bio says, “this business ultimately became the foundation of the software firm, FFastfill plc which floated on the AIM market in 2000. Jason’s work on option-pricing and trade-execution algorithms for electronic trading introduced him to the field of systematic models where he has concentrated since 2005.

“He joined Amati as a partner at the end of 2010. In 2014 Jason served as a director of the London media technology business Mirriad Ltd, an Amati VCT investee company.

We take this blurb to mean that Jason Rolf knows what he is doing with algorithms for electronic trading.

Jason told the Pevensey Bay Journal in October 2018 that he sees the purchase of the Mint House in Pevensey as a long term investment and challenge.

He also suggested that the restoration of the Mint House could take as long as two years, bu that he hoped to have some business units available for possible lease at the back of the Mint House as soon as Easter 2019.

We can think of nothing more appropriate than Action in Rural Sussex taking one of first business units as a satellite base to support their work in this part of Sussex.

Action in Rural Sussex is one of the most important agents in Sussex.

They explain, “we were establsihed in 1931, we are staffed by a highly experienced and dedicated team who are committed to helping people overcome the challenges caused by their rural location.

“Our vision is for a thriving, economically active rural Sussex full of choice and opportunities for everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

The charity works by making grants to organisations, providing human resources, provides services, provides advocacy, sponsoring and undertakes research and acting as an umbrella or resource body.

One of the trustees of Action in Rural Sussex is Will Anderson. “After graduating with an MPhil in Architecture from the University of Cambridge, their website tells us “Sussex-born Will founded the architecture and townscape practice, Rabble Place Design Studio. With a keen interest in the history and future of the English landscape and rural villages”.

Amongst the most interesting aspects of their work is their notion of ‘village agents’

As they explain, “the Village Agents are a team of experienced rural community development specialists who work with local people to develop innovative and effective ways to bring services closer to rural people.

“The overall aim is to improve access to services for rural communities, to foster local provision and local solutions to identified issues and to improve the overall quality of life for all.

The Action in Rural Sussex roadshows began in Pevensey Bay last night, at St. Wilfrid’s Hall. (Monday November 26)

The possibility is that we are now seeing business support and the kinds of investment coming to the communities here at long last that we need.

Our legitimate claim for notice with our fragile business base here has also been seen.

The fact that we are now seeing organisations of the national calibre of Amati and Action for Rural Sussex, is welcome.

We will see if new business grants and business activity with ideas and initiatives follow the path of these organisations into the locality in the next five years..

The Pevensey Parish Council social media release (26 November) published on  behalf of Action in Rural Sussex says,

3 Free Business Networking & Support Sessions coming to Pevensey Bay & surrounding areas.
Running a business or developing an idea into a business can be challenging, particularly when doing so on your own. Complying with regulations and rules can be overwhelming and scary, and many businesses aren’t sustainable or don’t grow as their owners wish, often because identifying and accessing cost-effective support is seen as difficult, expensive or not a valuable use of their time.

In partnership with Lets Do Business Group, this event is part of a new initiative which seeks to provide an informal forum for local people to come together and explore both specific and general business issues, but also to hear about the wide range of FREE business support on offer to assist them in growing their business and running it effectively.

The session will offer a friendly, informal networking opportunity where local people have the opportunity to meet and chat to each other, hopefully identifying new clients and suppliers, as well as exploring any collective challenges or issues.

A forum in which to explore the issues affecting local businesses and what support is available to assist them, either from other local businesses or via specialist advice and information.

Meeting Details: St Wilfrid’s Church Hall, 2 Collier Rd, Pevensey Bay, Pevensey BN24 6EZ
Registration is required for these events.

Monday 26th November 2018 6pm-7.30pm

Monday 21st January 2019 6pm-7.30pm

Monday 25th February 2019 6pm-7.30pm

For further information, please contact
Email: businessnetworks@ruralsussex.org.uk
Tel: 01273 473422