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IMAGE CREDIT: Christine Racher, Vehicles of Yesteryear, Sea Road car park, Pevensey Bay, 1 April 2017

Major UK wide VW Camper Van company to relocate right up close and persona to Pevensey Bay.—Bay Life, 28 August 2017

Bay Life understands that a major VW Camper Van company is to relocate to the area in the coming weeks.

The company owners who were in Pevensey Bay last week (Friday 25 August) on a fact finding mission and to look at a local property, told Bay LIfe, ‘we are relocating from London and have in mind a property, where we will need a workshop’.

The owners of the company who were parked in Sea Road car park in Pevensey Bay, as part of their fact finding mission, were seen in the Bay Side Diner in the Eastbourne Road, soaking in the local cafe culture and talking to regulars in the cafe.

The owners impressed with their interest in the community and asked a number of questions about life here, which they described as ‘just what we are looking for with our business’.

The prospect of a major VW Camper Van company moving to the locality would make an interesting addition to the lifestyle and activities here.

Their work is profiled all over the country in the specialist press.

The owners set out their pitch and indicated that whilst ‘all our publicity is in the specialist press we will be advertising locally as part of our commitment to the community’.

Owners gave a commitment to profile their business in Bay LIfe online and in Bay Life the Journal, the hyperlocal broadsheet newspaper based in Pevensey Bay.

Simon Montgomery, editor of Bay Life commented, ‘this would be just fabulous, how cool will it be if we started to become one of the places known for the VW Camper Van industry in the country.

‘What impressed me about meeting the owners was not only the coolness of their business and their attitude but also their commitment to becoming part of the community.

“Like VW Camper Vans, they were about the two coolest dudes along the Eastbourne Road in the village that that day and I really liked their savvy tuned in attitude.

“Like all creative artisan type people at the top of their tree, they did not have to shout or brag about what they are doing and the value of their business, they were just a couple of really nice blokes doing their stuff’.

“The prospect of Pevensey Bay becoming one of the centres for the VW Camper Van industry in the country is just about the best prospect of all for the little business community here, and of course for us as residents”.

“I come from Pevensey Bay, badged with a VW sign, just about gets to be the best does it not as a new theme that could run with a stick of Pevensey Bay rock?”

Perhaps the Guardian newspaper knew something that we did not, when they wrote their “Let’s Move to… Pevensey and Peveney Bay property move section (18 Sep 2015) which said “Let’s move to Pevensey and Pevensey Bay, East Sussex.

“What’s going for it? We may be few, but our numbers are growing: The seafront at Pevensey Bay might not be Malibu, but it is splendidly eccentric, with Edwardian town houses cheek-by-jowl with shacks and the 1930s-50s bungalow estate of Beachlands.”

Turn on, tune in, the VW Camper Van industry is on its way to a location near you soon.