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Pevensey Bay Journal, edition 25
in local newsagents Saturday 26 January

The Pevensey Bay Journal looks at the question of the proposal for the Beach Tavern site on the second anniversary of the initial application. This has not been a happy second anniversary. Our big story this month looks at the two year old Grimms fairy story. Read The Ostrich and the Nest Egg, which way now for the Beach Tavern site? Available in local newsagents this Saturday—Pevensey Bay Journal, 21 January 2019


Second proposal for the Beach Tavern site: Community waits with bated breath

So much is resting on the decision to be made by Wealden District Council about the second application proposed for the Beach Tavern site.

The date 10 January 2019, marked the two year point since the first proposal was put foward.

This has not been a happy second anniversary.

The site is now in a very sorry state indeed. In a letter to the Pevensey Journal, local resident Paul Watson said, “it has been months since the last report and sadly the building is in fast decline. Can the owner not be taken to task and ordered to maintain to a safe level  clean up the periphery? My personal guess is, nothing will be done until it has deteriorated so far that the only option would be to demolish, then the plan for the eyesore development would be easier to achieve, just my opinion”.

Whatever happens next, a decision must be made.

Sheila Holden, the inspector who wrote the report dismissing the appeal on behalf of the Inspectorate, suggested that the main question was the effect of the proposal on the character and appearance of the area. In her conclusion she said, the Framework also advises that planning decisions should ensure that developments establish a strong sense of place, which will function well and add to the overall quality of an area over the long term.

The second application is no more connected to the community than the first application. A huge palm tree has been stuck in place at the front in the public sketch provided.

There appears to be something of an attempt to hide the scale and character of the new proposal slightly, but the elephant is still in the room.

Our big story this month looks at the two year old Grimms fairy story. Might there be a last twist in the tale?

The community waits with baited breath to see what decision will be made with regard to the second proposal.