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THIS WEEK Beach Tavern Development: Time to find a sensible solution

COMMUNITY New arts and crafts group launches for Pevensey Bay in January 2019

BUSINESS Action in Rural Sussex back in Pevensey Bay


Image credit: Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant, outside orders taken here

A fabulous muti-coloured gathering of people from families to groups and a gentle burr of the collective voice of children on the beach

At the Sea Road car park parked up was a class business van, Bark and Stride, dog groomers.. Neat name for a business.

The car park was full, the cafes were a gentle buzz of people and the staff at Ocean View were baked off their feet.

On the beach a father and son were playing bat and ball, the father went off leaving the lad and his Mum, he must have been about seven. Not sure which film he had seen the night before, but the film must have been epic and there must have been American holidays involved.

He was so excited to be in Pevensey Bay on the beach. ‘This is an epic vacation’, he told his Mum. “You be the bowler and I will be the batter”.

Looked up Bark and Stride, dog walkers, they had come all the way from Cambridge.

Bank Holiday Monday, 7 May 2018. Pevensey Bay at our very best, just brimming with life, couples and families and visitors and life galore in the beautiful sunshine, and so much we need the business.

We need more facilities and services and a visitor shop, so much we need a visitor shop and a cafe society vibe that extends.

The Bay Hotel was brimming in the sunshine inside the wall, but not every family wants a public house. Likewise with the Aqua Bar.

Walking the streets looking for somewhere to sit down and cool off with tea and ice cream in a cafe after 4:00pm in Pevensey Bay is not possible, but perhaps something might pop up. Where are Guy and Jane Hook when you need them? What Pevensey Bay desperately needs is a more savvy profile for our visitors.

If we could extend the little cafe society vibe of Pevensey Bay beyond 4:00pm then everyone would be happy.

The beach seen from the Sea Road car park was a picture. Such colour, all the way along the beach, the people and the parasols, blue and green together like turtle doves.

The hottest day on record since the long May Bank holiday weekend was introduced forty years ago.

Framed in a gentle haze by the Sandcastle, streamline moderne, exquisitely restored in the distance.