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image credit: Pevensey Court House Museum

At long last work is going to start on the improvements for which we have planning permission, writes Robert Slater

It is going to begin with the repair/replacement of the two windows on the west elevation which are initially going be removed and replaced with temporary glazing. A full report will then have to be submitted to Wealden as part of our Planning Conditions. This might take up to eight weeks before the repaired windows and frames are replaced.

In the meantime reports and plans in line with the conditions will be submitted for the low roof covering the Courtyard so this can also go ahead. Repairs to the wall however are still in the hands of our insurance company and their contractors.

the Car Park
It has come to the attention of the Town Trust that people with free residents permits are leaving their cars in the free parking places in the Market Square. The Market Square is really for people staying for a short stay, for local businesses and of course for those who cannot walk as fa ! We would urgently request anyone with a residents permit to park their car in the Middle or Bottom car park when the Market Square is busy and those free places are needed.

—Robert Slater, Chairman Pevensey Town Trust, 4 February 2020