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Long lost family: Search for our twinned town in France

We are doing some research on a story about the ‘twinning’ of Pevensey with a town in France. We have a record of a parish council member (possibly chairman) visiting a town or village in France in the sixties for a week as part of this twinning exchange. We would be interested to know the name of the town or village in France that was ‘twinned’ with Pevensey.

We know that the town or village ended with de-la-mer, that should whittle down the choice to a small number of coastal locations across the water.

ESCC which keeps records of these current twinning arrangements has no record of a twinning arrangement with either Pevensey or Pevensey Bay to any town or village in France.

One possibility is that a re-born twinning arrangement could be utilised by the organisers of the forthcoming Pevensey Food Festival as part of their profile.

Thank you to local residents who are already helping us with our search.

Ann Gurney suggested, I have a feeling it was later than the 60s. The late Grace Richard was involved and a visit was made to France. I think a group came to Pevensey, I seem to remember some French children coming into the school. I’m thinking late 80s or early 90s.

Christine Pollard added, Ann Gurney, your remarks are correct, it should be in P.P.C. Minutes.

Many thanks Ann Gurney and Christine Pollard. Really useful. Next stop the Pevensey Parish Council minutes. As you suggest, we will start trawling the minutes from the late eighties.