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image credit: Pevensey Dog Show

The following interesting report was attached as part of the minutes of the Pevensey Parish Council meeting held on 2 July 2019. There is already a plan to hold a second event on 7 June 2020.

Report for Council about the Dog Show 9 June 2019
Shirley MacKinnon

As part of the Parish Council’s ongoing initiatives to reduce the level of unmanaged dog fouling within the villages, it was decided that one of the strategies would be the organisation of a Dog Show in Anderida Park, Wallsend Road Pevensey using the Sports Pavilion as a base.

A small working group was set up in January 2019 and it was decided to hold a Dog Show on 9 June 2019. Pevensey Cricket Club offered 3 dates which fitted in with away matches. They offered to help on the day with setting up.

It was hoped that the ‘show’ element would be fully managed by former Eastbourne Borough Council Dog Warden, Sue Criddle, who runs the well respected Perfect K9 Dog Behaviour and Training organisation, but unfortunately ill health meant that her input was much reduced, although she managed the competition, prizes and judging on the day.

Jayne took the work forward with regard to organisation and publicity, etc which included legal and risk assessment requirements. I worked on getting financial support from several businesses and local individuals, completing and arranging printing, setting up, etc.

Setting up and helping during the previous week and on the day was done by various local volunteers and another councillor. We were lent equipment for the event by various organisations including Eastbourne Borough Council and Pevensey Villages Partnership.

Pevensey Bay Life helped with the publicity as did Ziza Stupkova who designed the graphics for the event.

We were set a budget of £1300 by Council for all dog related expenditure and together with support from local businesses, pitch selling on the day, dog class entry fees and donations we had a total income of £1966.

The main supporter was Mason Bryant Estate Agents, who advertised the event with boards beforehand and the Castle Inn, Pevensey Bay, who supported the Children’s play event. That event was in the end provided for fee and the finance for that will be put forward for another event in the Autumn half term (three others are to be held in the Summer holidays from funding from WDC)

With the income the following was spent:
£229.99 on printing **
£96 on Hi Viz vests *
£160 on dog waste bag bins *
£75.55 on dog waste bags for bins *
£72 on a 1100 litre waste bin
£74 on planting and flowers

planter provided free and donated to sports club*
£79 on a baby change and disabled toilet unit
£130 in payments to individuals who supported the day (Voices Choir, Ziza and Jade Powers who closed the show)
£158.99 in prizes for winning dogs
£57.99 in Rosettes
£160 in dog poo posters **
£300 in Correx boards ( to be used again)*
£81.99 in incidentals
Those marked with * are items that Council still has and were not only for the dog show.
Item marked ** includes leaflets relating to dog faeces which Council still has available to distribute.

We both spent many hours ensuring that the event went successfully. Car parking was considered to be the most difficult aspect for the day and we had four car parks available to use (Memorial Hall,
Cattle Market, Haven Garage and Wallsend Road).

Many cars parked in the road. We had one spare car park to use as a local farmer offered a field as an overspill if necessary. Pulling together enough volunteers to help was very difficult to do and were it not for friends, we would have struggled to prepare and manage the show.

We had Qualified First Aiders for both dogs and people and East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service provided help and activities.

There were stalls and other ‘have a go’ activities as well as food and drink provision.

Eastbourne Borough Council lent many items for nothing.

There were over 200 dog entrants (some dogs entered more than one class) and we estimate a churn of about 500 people in total. Insurance allowed for no more than 500 at any one time and we did not exceed that.

A significant number of positive comments confirm the day was viewed as a great success.

There are some lessons, but none significant, to be learnt:

  • Ensuring well in advance that there is an adequate number of volunteers to help on the day and setting up beforehand
  • Some small savings could be made by reducing the number of items printed.
  • Using the internet for printing is much cheaper than local businesses.
  • The use of Correx boards may not be required.
  • Programmes could have been put in local venues before the day.
  • More A3 signs around the village may have helped with publicity
  • Set times of each dog class would have helped some people.
  • Advertising the types of class ahead would be helpfu
  • More stalls would produce more income and interest for visitors
  • Rubbish col lection costs could have been reduced
  • A web platform for publicity and on the ground social media announcements would be a
  • Pre event Social Media is very effective with several Facebook posts receiving considerable
  • Closing the show with an activity is not necessary, but could be interwoven into the day
  • Give a small prize to all children who enter with their dog, particularly the Best Junior Handler class

It is clear that the venue is ideal for a village event and it is suggested that we agree a date now so that we can book event support, etc now.

Events such as this take a lot of planning over several months and it is never too early to make decisions. The next event could be larger, as there is a confidence that the infrastructure can be managed , but with more activities, etc and we may have to pay for things that we did not this year.

If we tell Pevensey Cricket Club now, they can work fixtures around it and we can incorporate the use of the ground for Pevensey Parish Council events in to the lease which is being agreed now.

We therefore suggest that a Village fete and Dog show is held on 7 June 2020.

Shirley MacKinnon