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Talking to Bay Life, organisers of the first annual Pevensey Food and Drink Festival (Pevfeast) outlined their plans for local events on VE Day in May 2020. The festival will join a National Toast and Ringing Out for Peace. In addition there is to be a local showcase detailing the part played by the area in World War II

They said, “plans are well in hand in Pevensey and Pevensey Bay for a new festival celebrating the exciting and rich hospitality culture in the villages.

“PEVFEAST will showcase different menus, cooking styles and themes all wrapped round entertainment, food and drink matching, cocktails, poetry and special offers during the 2020 May Bank Holiday designed to nationally mark VE Day across the country”.

Ahead of the weekend, which kicks off on Friday 8 May 2020, organisers have put together a schedule of taster events.

There has already been a grill and ghost night at Priory Court in Pevensey. On 2 November the Ocean View Bakery in Pevensey Bay, hosted a Pies and Quiz Night, which is to be followed by Fish and Fizz at the popular Pevensey Bay Aqua Bar. They add, “local favourites Miah host an Indian ‘Extraquet – which is more than a Banquet – on 19-20 November 2019″.

They indicate,”PEVFEAST already has a dedicated online and print journal, the Pevensey Food and Drink Magazine, edited by Jayne Howard, and details of the taster events as well as reviews and news of the 2020 Festival can be found online at pevenseyfoodanddrinkmagazine.co.uk.

Organisers of the festival suggest, “events commemorating VE Day will also wrap round the PEVFEAST event next year and the villages will be taking part in national initiatives such as the National Toast and Ringing Out for Peace as well as designing a local showcase of the part played by the area in World War II”.

Shirley McKinnon , one of the two key instrumental lfigures behind the festival commented, ‘we’re keen to demonstrate just how hospitable the villages of Pevensey and Pevensey Bay are by organising PEVFEAST, encouraging the local hospitality sector to organise special events both this Autumn and next Spring for VE Day.

She added, “we have a vibrant network of pubs and restaurants who are all working hard to promote the area and look forward to offering a warm welcome to residents and visitors alike’.