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On Tuesday (3 May) the planning committee of Pevensey Parish Council objected to the revised planning application for the Beach Tavern site.

Minutes show that Councilor Shirley McKinnon “felt that it was still an over development, it was incompatible with the current street scene”.

She “asked for clarification about the traffic report produced by the developer. She felt the information in report was incorrect, misleading and compares Pevensey with other areas. She went on to say there is no direct train links to London anymore, the times the trains run vary, the bus routes and numbers are incorrect and lastly Pevensey railway station doesn’t appear to have a taxi rank as stated in the report”.

The Council noted that “The development is too big for the site with too many flats”.

The council also noted that there are over 50 objections to Wealden Council about the proposed development.

The council unanimously agreed to object to the revised development.