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As part of Pevensey Parish Council’s strategy for the reduction of dog fouling across the parish, we have installed two free to use bio degradable dog waste bag dispensers.

One is in the Information Centre in Sea Road car park and the other in Wallsend Road Sports Ground car park.

Please do all you can to ensure these are used properly and report any issues of vandalism to the Parish Clerk on 01323 743900.

Whilst responsible dog owners will carry dog waste bags with them, the Parish Council wants to encourage those who do not to clear up after their dogs. Don’t forget that bagged dog waste can now be put in in ordinary litter bins where a specific dog waste bin is not available. Most litter bins in the parish have a sticker on them referring to the Dog Fairy, a national initiative used to cover disposal of dog fouling.

The Parish Council is particularly concerned about people who have a number of dogs with them, who are then allowed to run freely, and any dog fouling may be missed. This is particularly noticeable in Wallsend Road Sports Ground and on the Beach. Children play in these areas and the sports clubs have to clear up incidents of dog fouling before any training or matches can take place. Please do all you can to address any incidents with individuals. In this connection residents may be interested to see the attached, which cover the reasons why dog fouling is of concern and what responsible dog ownership needs to cover.

The Pevensey Dog show in June was held as part of the initiatives and in that connection,  we worked with Pevensey and Westham school and asked the children to prepare posters highlighting how they felt about dog fouling. The poster here is one of a collection of their posters and it is quite clear that children feel concerned about this issue and may have an important part to play to get their families to deal with fouling.

The Parish Council is planning a programme of enforcement with Wealden District Council, so that owners who allow their dogs to foul without clearing it up could be fined.

Peter Lowton, Chair of Pevensey Parish Council said “There is no excuse for not picking up after your dog. We all have a responsibility to deal with dog fouling and it cannot be dealt without the help of everyone, including our many visitors to the area. Finding dog fouling in places where children might play, in particular in our sport and recreation grounds or on the beach is not acceptable and is a real risk to health.

“The Parish Council spends over £10k pa of your Council tax on the collection of dog mess and litter of all types and it is hoped with the addition of the bio degradable dog waste bag dispenser bins, together with the help of everyone, that we will see a reduction and hopefully one day the elimination of irresponsible dog fouling, in our parish”