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image credit: Pevensey Parish Council


Firstly thank you for notifying us about the broken bridge on the Timber frame. We are currently looking into getting this repaired, but for the meantime the steps and bridge has been tapped up and is OUT OF USE. Please keep the tap in place as we do not want anyone to use the bridge due it not being safe to use. Please see below pictures!!

Secondly we are very pleased to announce that the grant which was applied for to replace the small slide with multiplay equipment has been given and we aim to get this replace over the winter. AGAIN in the meantime the small slide remains OUT OF USE. Please see pictures below. Please leave the tap and signs in place to stop children using it as it is unsafe!!!

Lastly I would like to advise that we have put a separate grant application in to replace the timber Structure and the igloo but we are still waiting to hear if it will be awarded. We will keep you posted on our progress.
We do understand that is a timely process and can be very frustrating but we are doing our best to keep the recreation ground in use and any feedback is greatly appreciated. On that note the application forms completed by parents and residents last year have been very help and we would like to invite anyone who is interest to join the Friends Group. Please contact the Clerk if you would like to join or want any information regarding the friends group.

Peveney Parish Council, 1 October 2018