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Pevensey Parish Council leads the way in East Sussex with three year plan for community at time of acute crisis with public finance across county

Pevensey Parish Council has now published the first of a number of media releases to the community about their three year plan for the parish.

They say, “Pevensey Parish Council is in the process of writing its first 3-year plan in order to take a long-term view of the financial challenges facing the Council following the reduction in Government Support and services provided by ESCC.

Peter Lowton Chairman of Pevensey Parish Council explains, “I am really pleased that in the coming weeks everyone in the Parish will receive a short questionnaire to help the Parish Council focus on what’s most important to our community as a whole.”

The Council adds “please find the time to complete the questionnaire as the Council want to know what is important to local people in the Parish”.

Commenting on what is happening in the community with this process of engagement and connection, the Pevensey Bay Journal says (28 November), the parish council is already offering public support to the new work that will be done by Action in Rural Sussex here, in 2019.  Action in Rural Sussex is an important agent for change in Sussex, with a history of taking on rural challenges since 1931. They have some of the most experienced staff in the county with regard to rural economic challenges,.

“Pevensey Parish Council is also directly engaged with the community now with the three year plan, setting some interesting prospects for 2019.

“In addition we have the plans for the old Mint House in Pevensey over the next 2-5 years, with the establishment of the building and site as an economically viable business entity, with business units and the go-ahead for new business activity. Al this activity is welcome. Having a company of the national calibre of Amati Global Investors backing the project at the Mint House is an inspiration.

“What we are seeing is an intelligent connection with the community by the Parish Council.. The possibilities for grants, business support from a number of new quarters, for a number of new initiatives, encouraging inward investment is now tangible.

“In edition 23 of the Pevensey Bay Journal, in local newsagents today, we say about the three year plan, “as well as a survey which will be delivered to every household, there will also be online opportunities for residents to comment about some of the possibilities that may emerge from the plan.

“The three year plan emerging sounds both exciting and positive.

“There is so little money that Pevensey Parish Council has to offer for community initiatives, because of the constraints on them. First impressions suggest a difficulty in seeing how a plan can do anything other than spell out a bleak message. But maybe, that is what makes the publication of the plan interesting.

“The decision, for example, to include all residents in the process, both in print and online, is the right starting point.

“In addition, the decision to move from a very small grant funding offer to the community on an annual basis, to that could include a degree of partnership with some local initiatives is positive. New community projects would offer the possibility of some kind of catalyst. What we need in the parish is new initiatives with a public purpose, that become sustainable.

“This activity is to the credit of the leadership of Pevensey Parish Council. Hard work is being put into the forthcoming plan by councillors of the calibre of Shirley MacKinnon and Jayne Howard.

“There is no money, maybe that is the point. At critical times, when services at all levels are under such pressure that they break, there have to be new ways of doing things if local communities are to survive.

“The three year plan emerging from Pevensey Parish Council can be seen in that light.

“If only one or two sustainable initiatives emerge as part of this process, then what is about to be delivered will be something of long term value.

“If there is a small chemical reaction from the catalyst, then those sparks could ignite interest from groups working within the community as well as from some new groups that might be fired up in the process.

In January (edition 25 of the Journal) we publish a four page pull out supplement dedicated to the three year plan by Pevensey Parish Council with comment and analysis.