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NEWS UPDATE: Pevensey Parish Council responds to Wealden Council decision over Beach Tavern site

In a thoughtful and well measured response by chairman of Pevensey Parish Conncil, Peter Lowton, the parish council places on record the disappointment of the council in relation to the decision making process at Wealden District Council with the planning application and the Beach Tavern site

In ten minutes last week at the planning meeting, Wealden District Council failed to listen to what local people had to say. Their ignorance of the circumstances here was palpable. Councillors even had to be prompted to the meaning of the word vernacular.

The decision will have a dramatic significance for the future of Pevensey Bay, the perception and profile of the village. A new focal point is to be built here in the heart of the Bay. The Beach Tavern is to be replaced by a three storey block of flats that will dominate the street scene. This is what will become for residents and visitors the new reference point and landmark to the 400 year old history of Pevensey Bay.

Their decision will set the course of the next chapter in the story that is Pevensey Bay.

We publish the statement by Pevensey Parish Council (2 March) in full this morning.

On behalf of Pevensey Parish Council the Chairman of Council has commented on Wealden District Councils decision on the Beach Tavern.

Pevensey Parish Council strongly objected to the planned development of the Beach Tavern in its current form and are very disappointed that yet again Wealden District Council (WDC) seem to have ignored the Parish Councils view and that of the great number of local people whom took the time and trouble to object to the development.

The council recognises that planning issues can be challenging and have to be dealt within the current legislative framework.

However the Parish Council is an important tier of local government and strives to represent the views and interests of the parish across a wide spectrum of issues, one being planning applications in Pevensey and Pevensey Bay.

Therefore hopefully one day WDC will listen to the Parish Council and local residents and take seriously what local people have to say.

Until then I would ask that local people still take the time to express their views on planning applications to WDC as the Parish Council most certainly will.
—Pevensey Parish Council, 2 March 2020