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Pevensey Parish Council wins praise: Talk given to new local residents association last night (October 29) marks latest moment in their three year plan to ‘engage’ with community

We understand that a meeting took place last night (29 October), at the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay, at which chairman of Pevensey Parish Council, Peter Lowton gave a talk to the Timberlaine Road and Environs Residents Association about the work of the Council.

He was ably helped by clerk to the council, Sarah Mosedale. As well as explaining the principle behind the precept, questions about the Park Home Holidays site here in Pevensey Bay were raised. we understand.

The meeting was well attended by members of the association.

One member of the association told us. ‘this was a good talk, Peter explained the precept really well, he is a good speaker.”

Pevensey Parish Council has a three year engagement plan with the community which sees their work connecting with the community in a variety of ways.

The advantage of a parish council working with grassroots bodies like residents associations, is that concerns within the community can be fed directly to the council.

In the two way process with the exchange of information can come some insights that can further the common goals of a community.

On the implementation of the three year plan, Bay Life commented, “what we are seeing is an intelligent connection with the community by the Parish Council.

“There is so little money that Pevensey Parish Council has to offer for community initiatives, because of the constraints on them. First impressions suggest a difficulty in seeing how a plan can do anything other than spell out a bleak message. But maybe, that is what makes the publication of the plan interesting.

“There is no money, maybe that is the point. At critical times, when services at all levels are under such pressure that they break, there have to be new ways of doing things if local communities are to survive.

“The vision, scope and detail in the plan is marked, and all done by volunteer councillors”.

The talk last night with a new residents association here in Pevensey Bay, was clearly a positive meeting for all concerned and an example of the way in which the three year plan is being implemented.

As a conduit for discussion these kinds of talk with grassroots organisations are a breath of fresh air. The irony that the parish council even now has to pay for the grass to be cut, in these harshest of economic climates, has not escaped local commentators.

Perhaps a moment for both organisations to mark their work in the community and compare notes.

With shared insights, these kinds of talk can add value to important discussions taking place within the community.