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IMAGE CREDIT: Pevensey Pete’s Laundry Services: Drinks and seats provided to take in the Summer sun..What lucky customers!!

Peter Stacey, who owns Pevensey Pete’s Laundry services in the Bay, joins Bay Life from today (1 June).

Talking to Bay Life (31 May), he said “many thanks for allowing regular news feeds to filter through and sprinkle a little joy to all the lovely folk of Pevensey Bay”.

His business page thoughts and musings about the positive value of community business engage and enthuse local people.

With his pro-active view of Pevensey Bay. life and everything, his consistent enthusiasm for what he does with his business is noteworthy.

His wit and energy and perspective, in the view of Bay Life, is a best practice example of the way in which our local businesses can engage with big questions in the Bay.

There is an urgent need to see that local businesses are taken seriously with questions related to everything from changes in local road traffic and parking systems to the regeneration of economic interest in small coastal communities.

The services to both residents and visitors are vital. The positive promotion of these services both online and in print is also a vital element in this bigger picture.

In the view of Bay Life, what is of fundamental importance is that local businesses work together in this wider context if they are to see that their voice is heard.

Small coastal communities need support from key stakeholders, local authorities and decision makers.

Together they can change outcomes and contribute to important local discussions. They can also contribute to decision making beyond the Wallsend Road..

The economic regeneration of interest in Pevensey Bay begins from inside the local business community.

Peter, who is also a film extra and has featured in films such as Snow White & The Huntsman or Disney’s Cinderella is well known for ‘going the extra mile’ with his customers and says he puts in ’110% every day’ working with his customers.

He can often be seen on social media with his thoughts was early as 4:00am when he starts his working day.

We welcome Pevensey Pete from today with his new business column on the Bay LIfe platform, and in print in the Pevensey Bay Journal.

The latest edition of the Pevensey Bay Journal (edition no,18) is now available in local newsagents

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Pete begins with his’ awesome experience with a backstage pass’ at the Stones concert in Southampton.

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Pevensey Pete’s Laundry Services
18 Eastbourne Road
Pevensey Bay BN24 6ES