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Pevfeast the month long ‘tennerfest’ planned for the locality through October this year has taken a step forwards today (July 3) with the commissioning of a logo

We hope to be in a position to present you the logo just as soon as we get the green light from the organisers.

The event is to link together a total of 16 venues across Pevensey and Pevensey Bay and is planned to take place in October.

The new small scale venture for the Bay is partly inspired by the ‘tennerfests’ in Jersey.

The fixed-price food festival is famous in the Channel Islands. For six weeks from the 1st October, local restaurants across Jersey and Guernsey are encouraged to create special, all-inclusive menus that provide diners with more at a fixed amount.

Travel site Jerseytravel.com explains that “the initiative gives restaurateurs a platform from which to promote their businesses and restaurant goers access to the finest food the islands have to offer at affordable prices. Menus start at £10.

The travel site adds “over the past 13 years, the Tennerfest has grown in popularity, providing diners with excellent value-for-money and an accessible way to sample the best of Jersey’s vibrant food scene”.

Here in Pevensey and Pevensey Bay, the small scale venture could take on a number of different features and flavours.

The festival could draw in hundreds of new people into the locality to see what is on offer at the various locations. Of course many of the venues are within walking distance.

People have already made comparison with Pevfest, a live local music event that ran in Pevensey and Pevensey Bay for five years, that became a victim of its own success. The close network of venues is primed for events that link public houses and restaurants together.

What also works with the idea, like Pevfest, which saw up to 30 bands playing live over a single weekend in local public houses, is not just the close proximity of all the venues and the classic seaside small scale setting together with the historic setting of Pevensey.

Families and groups coming to the Bay bring their own life and dynamic to the proceedings.

This is something that has been seen not just with Pevfest, but with a number of scarecrow festivals here and also with the Vehicles of Yesteryear and AquaFest events. In addition, charity weekenders at the Castle Inn, and the wassailing event each year at the Castle Market car park in Pevensey Bay are a big local draw.

The kinds of backdrop we see in Pevensey and Pevensey Bay are natural draws for family and groups bookings and special event organisers with ‘niche’ events.

The Pevensey Bay journal understands that a state of the art web platform is also in the process of being commissioned to support the new venture in October.