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Image credit: Brave the Shave Immortals, Royal Oak and Castle Inn, Pevensey

Brave the Shave Immortals

After losing my hair to chemo just over three weeks ago, I hoped that my moustache would last long enough for the Brave the Shave Night. It did :-) Here’s the missus shaving it off after I auctioned it for £90 (combined bids from Shaky & Amanda, William, Karen, Rich and Dave.

The other two photos are all the guys ‘posing’ for the extra special photo after having their heads shaved for Prostate Cancer (Cancer Research UK).
—Simon Fall, Royal Oak and Castle Inn, 28 October 2018


28 October 2018
Thank You with All My Heart
Mass Head Shave:
—Royal Oak and Castle Inn

Last night’s line-up of Brave the Shave Immortals were:
Chris, Lindsey, Ruby, Rich, Samantha, Dave-the-Rave, Ed, Brian, Pauly, Ben, Ian, Bad-Barnet Alan, Princess Prosecco and Myself (Simon).

Hair Shaving by Alan & Karen from Bad Barnet (Hailsham) and our very own Max. Max is currently at Barber College and is working in our kitchen.

During the fabulous line-up, folks would throw money in the collection buckets for little extras; Chest Shaving, Arm-Pit Shaving, Moustaches & Beards also bit the dust.

The raffle made over a £100 for Cancer Research UK (Eastbourne)
Donations on the night were £716.00

Sponsorship’s have raised an estimated £1220

Barclays Bank (Langney) have pledged to match, up to £1000

So, all told, £3042.00 so far. There’s going to be more over the next couple of weeks and I think we’ll have smashed the £3200.00 mark.

Such a fun night. Filled with spirited people doing something for others.

It was so touching to see Lindsey & Chris Vine, their daughter Ruby and Lyndsey’s sister Samantha all Brave the Shave together.
Both Ruby & Lyndsey’s Hair were taken off with care and will go to the Princes Trust to be made into Wigs for Kids who have cancer.
A Huge Congratulations to Lyndsey for BEATING Bowel Cancer.

See the photos of all who took part. Massive Kudos to you All.
—Royal Oak and Castle Inn. 28 October 2018

Special report and pictures, Pevensey Bay Journal, edition 23, published  Saturday 24 November 2018