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image credit: Jan Barron: “At the Turning of the Bay” [2018]

Please note that the press launch of the restored Bay Hotel has been rescheduled to take place on Wednesday 4 December, further details available shortly

The newly restored Bay Hotel is to have a press launch

Invited guests will include, together with the press, dignitaries from Wealden Council, Pevensey Parish Council and a number of named local community organisations.

The completed transformation of the Bay Hotel is extraordinary, something closer to a restoration rather than a renovation.

With a preview of the detail behind the restoration today (1 November), Bay Life can report a phenomenal attention to detail and the formation of sets of open spaces that are community light, with space and sets of simple features that sing and dance with subliminal character, all in tune with the history of the pub, that dates back to 1898.

This was the year, there is an argument to be made, that the local hospitality industry first laid some sustainable foundations in Pevensey Bay. The Honeypot Tea Rooms followed in close chronological order, seven years later (1905), as postcards from the Edwardian era show (now the redundant Beach Tavern).

Nothing is overdone with the restoration of the Bay Hotel. Everything is done to the kinds of standard that you might see in a named London public house, with a unique spin that says Pevensey Bay, with the light now filtering in to all areas.

An events organiser has been appointed, who started work today (1 November). There is also now a PA for the public house, she will be working with media releases and communications on behalf of the pub owners.

News disclosed to Bay Life today, included a sequence of resident inspired special events to come.

There are to be bands, a quiz night, a community focus with enhanced opportunities for local associations to meet, and for the first time, a number of named national artists exhibiting their work, to enhance the already well established arts based focus that is now a part of the public house.

The work includes Terry O’Neill CBE, one of the world’s most collected photographers with work hanging in national art galleries and private collections worldwide.

Bay Life has also been given details of the new eating experiences that will be on offer. In terms of quality and interestingly, price, these new features appear to present a brand new kind of eating opportunity for both residents and visitors. Amongst these options is to be a three course offering, tallormade for Pevensey Bay.

Full details about the press launch for the restored Bay Hotel will be released by managers in the next few days.

Seeing what has been done and hearing about the plans today, that will start on December 4, Bay Life commented to the project manager on site, who has been there every step of the complex and detailed way. “what has been done here, has the potential not just to transform the Bay Hotel public house, but Pevensey Bay’.

The response of the exhausted, but clearly relieved and still smiling project manager was simple.

“That is exactly what we plan to do.”

Further details about the Bay Hotel launch are available from the hotel at 2 Eastbourne Rd, Pevensey Bay, BN24 6EJ, 01323 768645.