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Promotion for the Monday Lunch Club at Ethel Wood Centre in Pevensey Bay is to begin in the New Year

Talking to Bay Life (28 November), Chris Wood, one of the key figures with the delivery of the lunch club service to senior citizens, said, “we know that we must do something in the New Year to promote the service, so this will be good”.

As well as features about the service, there is to be a standing promotion box online on Bay Life, that will give more information about the service.

Chris Wood, often helped by husband, Bob Wood, with the weekly shop for the event, has been delivering the service, organising, shopping and cooking each week for the Monday Lunch Club for many years.

A neighbour said, talking about Chris Wood, “she is a real, what I would call salt of the earth community person, she is such a happy smiley character, added to her cooking talents, she is great asset to the village.”

If the name sounds familiar, Bob Wood is the son of Ethel Wood, and Chris is her daughter in law. Ethel Wood gave her name to the centre. She is perhaps the most celebrated, what would now be called “community activist” in the village.

Bob Wood once told Bay Life, talking about his mother, Ethel Wood,  “if there was something to be set up on a voluntary basis in Pevensey Bay,  she would be there”.

He also explained that at one time, his Mum Ethel was cleaning lady to comedian and actor Peter Sellers, who was a regular visitor to Coast Road In Pevensey Bay in the summers of the early fifties.

In print, the work of the Monday Lunch Club is also to be celebrated in the Pevensey Bay Journal from January 2020 with a promotion box. The promotion box in print is being sponsored by Harper Hair Co, the hair salon based in the Eastbourne Road in Pevensey Bay.

Talking about their sponsorship with promotion of the Monday Lunch Club at the Ethel Wood Centre, co-owner of the salon, Sean Harper, told Bay Life (30 November), “we are happy to help and support these community groups where possible”.

The campaign in the New Year titled “Tell us why you do like Mondays”, is managed by BAY/PA and features the work of photographer, Steve Malone, whose images can be seen in local news outlets.

Five of his images from a photoshoot of the Monday Lunch Club at work are to front the campaign, each captioned with the words,  “Tell us why you do Like Mondays”.