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East Sussex Music was proud to welcome back their former percussion teacher Ben Thomas to work with newly formed rock and pop band ‘Wired’ and host a masterclass for young drummers having lessons in schools.—East Sussex Music, 5 February 2018

Knowledge and experiences with 70 percussion students

Ben was a drum student and teacher with East Sussex Music before finding success with Rag ‘n’ Bone Man.

Taking time out of his busy schedule before going back on tour, Ben accompanied ‘Wired’ during their rehearsal on Saturday, February 3, before sharing his knowledge and experiences with 70 percussion students.

Some students were invited on stage to perform to the award winning track ‘Human’ and the afternoon finished with photos and Ben signing drumsticks and CDs for some very happy fans.

One student attending the event said: “Ben was a genuinely nice guy and helped give a good insight into what the professional career is like, and how to get to the level to achieve a musical profession. His playing is amazing and has inspired me to work a lot harder at perfecting what I do.”

The parent of another student commented: “It really was an amazing event. So inspirational for the children and so carefully planned, filled with genuine heartfelt experience and advice. It really might well turn out to have had a lifelong impact on my son.”

For information about having lessons with East Sussex Music visit www.eastsussex.gov.uk/music or 01273 336770.