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Andy Hyde
I’m all for making life easier for pedestrians and for the elderly and disabled especially in a busy village.

Can I make a couple of observations – a crossing is most needed in the fast section of road from the castle pub to castle drive. The traffic in the shopping area itself is slow, often static allowing pedestrians time…often the pulse of flow from the traffic lights is enough time for a crossing of the road to be made. Wherever it is sited if it is in the High Street it would be at the cost of parking which is very precious in the centre.

As a resident we need to be aware and allow people to cross. This is a call for us all who live here, we know how hard it can be to cross over, we all have aged relatives. As a community we can make a difference especially when we know the traffic is heavy and allowing someone over isn’t going to cost us any time. The reward is usually a smile and a thank you.