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To District Councillor Dianne Dear

So glad you are campaigning for a pedestrian crossing in the village, as you say, with the increase of traffic it is needed.

May I ask that perhaps you could also campaign for 2 to 3 Disabled parking Bays in the village, actually in the Main Street where all the shops are. I along with many people, both disabled and non disabled people, feel we really do need 2 or 3 Bays as Disabled people not only need to get to the chemist for medication but also want to go in the shops, beauty salon, cafe etc.

I know there are Disabled Bays in the car park by the information office and also in the car park down by the fishing shop but many people, including myself, and some of my friends are not able to walk that far and need to be able to park by the shops, so they are sorely needed.

When enquiries were made about 3 to 4 years ago it seemed that Wealden council did not have responsibility and it was possibly down to the police to action it if some sort of accident deemed it necessary to have Disabled parking bays. Sadly it seems no one wants the responsibility, so it would be gratefully appreciated if you are able to have some influence in this area, along with the pedestrian crossing.

Kind regards
Pevensey Bay resident
name and address supplied