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Evening all

Retired policeman, Paul Smith joins the Journal tomorrow (Thursday 31 May), available in local newsagents, with the first of his features on crime prevention in the community.

The Bobby on the Bay Life Beat: Crime prevention in the community
Evening all: Retired police officer joins Bay Life to keep tabs on new crime prevention in the community

Retired Brighton policeman, Paul Smith joins the Journal, posting about community security.

Paul was a well known bobby on the beat in Brighton and moved, with wife Annie, to Beachlands in Pevensey Bay.

The couple are now based in Eastbourne, but a regular visitors to the Bay on a weekly basis, the place they say is their first love, in particular Beachlands.

Paul says “in the absence of a community beat officer here in Pevensey Bay, I am posting a kind of crime prevention section, one of my jobs was to give crime prevention talks to various bodies.”

In his first post he turns his attention to the question of garages.

With a nod, wink and salute to his sense of public duty as a policeman, and with his characteristic wit, he also posts to Bay Life at 6:25pm on Saturdays, the same time Dixon of Dock Green was broadcast on BBC1. The programme was voted second most popular programme on British TV in 1961.

The Bobby on the Bay Life Beat is available to browse online and to read in the Pevensey Bay Journal.

Local resident.Lisa Courtney, commented, “Wow. Thank you for doing this. Think we all need reminding of the basics all of the time”