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Grand Village Draw in aid of Pevensey Defibrillator Fund to take place with over dozen prizes worth £100s

The draw takes place at the Grand Quiz at the Priory Court Hotel on 19 September 2018. Tickets are £2:00 each. All the prizes are donated (full list available).

Talking to the Pevensey Bay Journal, Robert Slater, the organiser, said “I started raising money for a defibrillator in Pevensey earlier this year. There is no publicly accessible defibrillator in Pevensey and these are life savers with statistically 1 in a 1000 people a year suffering from sudden heart failure. The Market Square is the obvious choice as it has a high footfall.

“The cost of a defibrillator and of course a waterproof case and fitting is nearly £2000 and so far with fundraising from quizzes, Markets, Talks, Walks and a successful grant from the British Heart Foundation I am within a few hundred of the target, which should be met sometime this autumn.

“The last push will be a Pevensey Village Draw (to be drawn at a Grand Quiz in Priory Court on 19th September to which local businesses and individuals have donated some brilliant prizes for which I must thank them. At the end of the day people of the local area will have largely paid for the defibrillator.

After the money is raised for the defibrillator in Pevensey of course we will need to train people in its use (though they can be used with no prior knowledge) and of course there need to be checks and maintenance.

Full interview with Robert Slater
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