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The Villages Scarecrow Festival: Scarecrow 17


The Bay Life page at glance guide here to Scarecrow 17 updates daily with news, information, opinion and events as we move towards the launch of Scarecrow 17 on 8 July 2017

Scarecrow Festival
July 8—July 22 2017
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The Village Scarecrow Festival is an annual event organised by the Pevensey Villages Partnership. Their website is here

About the Scarecrow Festival
Scarecrow 17 is a Scarecrow Festival which is run annually in our village to celebrate old agricultural traditions. It is organised by a team of enthusiastic volunteers as a free event to bring villagers together and strengthen community spirit. Each year we have a theme. Last year we commemorated the landing of William the Conqueror on our beach at Pevensey in 1066. As a result, in July last year, our village was full of Norman soldiers sitting on roofs, hanging on lamp posts and making themselves at home around historic Pevensey Castle. Quite a sight for tourists!

This year we are asking people to make scarecrows of themselves. There will be prizes for the most lifelike and, on the final day, we will burn the scarecrows at our ceremonial Bonfire Night at Sharnfold Farm.

Throughout the scarecrow fortnight (July 8th to July 22nd) local businesses put on events such as quiz nights, barbecues, competitions and film shows.

Our Scarecrow Festival is colourful and fun for all the family

Remember our winner for our very first Scarecrow Festival in 2015 ? Her name was Miranda
Miranda was made by Maggie and shelaid elegantly in Westham High Street

In 2016 the order of the day was 1066. Jeff the Norman stood proud among his enterage in Wallsend Road, Pevensey. There were over 100 1066 scarecrows and many more on other themes

So what is our theme for 2017 ?
Some of you like to have a theme – sorta gives you an idea that otherwise doesn’t come to mind. Some of you prefer to make your own idea take shape. The thing that matters is that you join in the fun and make yourself a scarecrow

For those who would like to work to a theme we thought we’d follow an idea suggested to us last year. How about we make ourselves ? The people of the villages – us.

It’s easier than you think. Its lifesize – its in proportion – its you – and your old clothes will fit perfectly. We will be doing some workshops to demonstrate and get you on your way. Its always much more fun to do things together anyway.

What do you do – first decide who you want to make – why not the whole family ? The start is a two person job as the person being made needs to be wrapped up securely to make the body shape. A visit to the £1 shop for materials won’t cost a lot. But please see “how”, otherwise you might still be sitting there wrapped up next year. Kids – you must do this with adult supervision – and that means an adult standing by who is not Mum or Dad being wrapped up !

Apart from our workshops there are brief instructions on our “how to make yourself” page.

Now the next part is REALLY IMPORTANT
We cannot stress enough that the idea of a Scarecrow Festival is to provide a spectacle in the villages for people to come and see. To have any impact there must be a show on the main roads – this is how ALL scarecrow festivals are done.

In Westham we have a village green and it is rarely without visitors walking around and taking pictures.

In Pevensey Bay we don’t have a green, but we do have a village centre and a main road with plenty of lamposts and other places to fix scarecrows. We need the scarecrows to be here for people driving through to see, for easy access to visitors wanting to walk around and say hello to our scarecrows. As soon as the scarecrows had collected together at the end of Castle Drive there was a continual flow of people stopping with cameras. This is how it needs to be to be – they need to be somewhere to be seen – in numbers – with ease.

So………………by all means make one for your garden, but please, please make one for the main road as well. Each year we have had so many calls asking where the scarecrows are – do we have a map. People want to see them, and they need to be able to find them.

Shopkeepers – making a scarecrow will make the High Street come alive. People come from miles around to see scarecrow festivals – and people make customers. Its about making it happen for you as well as the fun of the festival for all the residents.

Happy Scarecrow 2017


Saturday 3 June
Pevensey Villages Festival launches Scarecrow 17 App
Get the Scarecrow 17 app here
Full story here


Monday 12 June
Scarecrow 16, the film

From the very first Committee meeting through making of scarecrows the judging and finally the bonfire burning the cameras were on people and their scarecrows. Now we want to share the finished film with you. What better place to do that than in the historic PRIORY COURT HOTEL Pevensey MONDAY 12 June – 7pm. The Bar will of course be open. DVDs of the film will be available to buy.

Following the showing of the film there will be time to reminisce and time to talk about and plan for 2017. Also You may be aware that PVP has secured funding to provide some free workshops in the villages. This will be a good time for you to tell us what kind of workshops/talks you’d like us to arrange

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Villages Scarecrow Festival, Westham Pevensey, Pevensey Bay
Scarecrow 17 is a Scarecrow Festival which is run annually in our village to celebrate old agricultural traditions. It is organised by a team of enthusiastic volunteers as a free event to bring villagers together and strengthen community spirit. Each year we have a theme.
Pevensey Villages Partnership

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