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image credit: Pevensey Scarecrow Festival

What a shame
What a shame that on the dog walk this morning, two of the scarecrows in the village have been attacked. What’s left of the ‘Super Mario’ one has been slung onto the porch of the flats by the Pevensey Bay garage, with his hand and steering wheel in the middle of the road opposite Raipur and his boots by Harper Hair. I picked the boots and hand up etc and put them in the basket where he resided for such a short while. As for Fantastic Mr Fox by the tree on the corner of Castle Drive, that’s gone completely! Such a lot of effort is gone into making these scarecrows and my grandchildren love seeing them each year. I wish those who choose to spoil this by damaging them would be more respectful
—Elizabeth Beeney, Pevensey Community, 14 July 2019