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Photo by Florian Klauer/Unsplash

A local writer is working on his second childrens’ book

Paul F, Smith,who lived in Beachlands and now lives in Eastbourne, with wife Annie, is aiming to make a name for himself in the world of childrens’ literature.

The Adventures of`Tatty the Pidge tells the story of his flight from a predatory peregrine falcon, with scenes based at the signal box in Peveney and Westham and on the spire of the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay.

Paul is a frequent visitor to Pevensey Bay.

He is a retired policeman who for 24 years was a bobby on the beat in Brighton.

His first book for children, The Battle for Coney Hill, is now available on Amazon. The Downs landscape is clearly identifiable as the South Downs on the edge of Brighton.

The prologue begins, “the animals of the Downsfolk have lived in peace for many years but when man starts to change their environment it releases a danger that threatens everything.”

Paul told the Pevensey Bay Journal, “I wrote my first book to help with the stress of work”.

The Journal is to serialise his new book, The Adventures of Tatty the Pidge in 2020.

The prelude to The Adventures of Tatty the Pidge begins….

The young pigeon stood on top of the old disused signal box overlooking a level crossing. Mystified. One minute he was part of a large group of racing pigeons flying for all they were worth, the next he was all alone. Somehow he had become detached from the group and it was only his first race.

You can read ,The Adventures of Tatty the Pidge, serialised in the Peveney Bay Journal from Spring, 2020.

You can buy his first book, The Battle of Coney Hill, published, November 11, 2019, here. from Amazon.