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A series of precious holiday memories are to feature in the next edition of the Pevensey Bay Journal (edition 28), You can send us your memories and photographs of the time that you and your family have spent in Pevensey Bay over the years to us here info@peveneybaylife.co.uk

image credit: Mum Gill

Memories of holidays over seventy years in Pevensey Bay have sparked a search for a replacement holiday home on Coast Road in August 2020.

Writing to The Pevensey Bay Journal (8 July), Corinne Page Breingan‎ said “Hello, I hope it’s ok to post this on here. I’m on the look out for anyone who might be able to rent their bungalow along Coast Rd for two weeks next August (2020). My Mum has been holidaying in Pevensey her entire life (which is 74 years!), meaning my siblings and I have as well… plus our children… the bungalow we have been renting for the last 17 years is being sold, meaning we are desperately looking in advance for next August! Thanks in advance.

In response we commented “We will aim to put up your message on the homepage of our web platform in the next few days. We will also post to our newspaper, in the hope that we can find someone who will be prepared to help”.

What followed was positive advice and recommendations from a number of local people. In response Corinne thanked local people for their ‘amazing help’, explaining that the last holiday planned here after many years in the same bungalow, which is now being sold was ‘bittersweet’.

Considerations for a new bungalow holiday here in Pevensey Bay are particular, partly as the search involves the wish for the location to be in a specific part of Pevensey Bay. Corrine told us, “just something- if we could be so choosy as to say on the sea side of Coast Road that would be great”.

In terms of the needs of her Mum Corrine added “Mum is on a basic pension”.

We suggested that her Mum, Gill, write down a few memories of her lovely holidays in the Bay over a lifetime and send us out some photographs from the family album to help spark the search for a bungalow in August 2020.

In a message today (July 22) daughter Corrine said “We haven’t had any luck yet with the finding of a bungalow – this isn’t down to the kind people in Pevensey not helping, they’ve been amazing. The problem I think is that those they’ve suggested are absolutely stunning – and unfortunately the cost reflects this!!

She added “We are looking, if poss, for a very basic (so probably relatively untouched) bungalow along the Coast Rd. Mum has been holidaying annually in Pevensey for over 70 years; as she’s on a basic pension, this is why she’s looking for a v basic 3-bedroomed bungalow for 2 weeks in August next year.

She signed off by saying ” She will be staying there mostly on her own, but her 3 children & grand-children would each like to stay for a couple of nights in turn to visit her there – they (me included!!) love it just as much!”

Here the Journal publishes three memories that Mum Gill has over seventy years of holidays here in Pevensey Bay, together with some special shots from the family album, with all best wishes for her search for a bungalow, specific to her requirements, in August 2020.

Anyone who can help the family in their search can contact us here info@pevenseybaylife.co.uk

Seventy years of holiday memories in Pevensey Bay
sent to us by Corinne Page Breingan‎ on behalf of Mum, Gill

“I live in Surrey, am 74 years old, and have been holidaying in different beach bungalows along Coast Road, Pevensey Bay, almost every year since the 1940′s. My very first memories in 1948 were of the rows of the anti-landing concrete blocks stretching along the length of the beach. Through a child’s eyes, these were like a kind of adventure playground, where I could be lifted up on top of them by my parents, and play “king of the castle!” They also could be used for playing hide-and-seek, and were great fun for running in and out between them! Who could have predicted when they were installed that they would be such a source of innovative play?

As a child I also remember the pleasure I derived from shrimping at low tide, especially early mornings at dawn pushing my little net alongside my father with his giant one. Little brown shrimps were SO plentiful then, and we used to scoop our catch up with a large cup, and pop them in a bag, (in my case it was an old school satchel!), and then triumphantly take them up to the bungalow where Mum would cook them straightaway. They took literally hours to peel, and I developed a fast skill which has never left me to this day! Oh how tasty and sweet they were, and nothing tastes as good as those gorgeous little shrimps we had caught at dawn, my very favourite food! The tide seemed a long, long way from the bungalows in those days (see appropriate photo), and in recent years the shrimp population has drastically reduced due to the very necessary dredging and building up the beach for flood prevention.

Another memory I have, and which still delights me to this day, are the beautiful sunsets over the back of the Pevensey Levels. Again, as a child, when I was being put to bed, I used to stand on my bed and marvel at them, and I also got pleasure from watching the little Eastbourne to Bexhill trains running along the track behind.

I have countless other memories of Pevensey Bay of course, some of which I will touch on briefly. The Royal Sovereign shipping aid (no longer called that I know), used to fascinate me, and is a constant which is always there to greet me with its flashing light at 20-second intervals, and I’m sure many people like me have tried to count the 20 seconds between flashes, and have been very smug when the count tallied exactly with the time!

I also liked the varied wildlife I’ve seen over the years. Apart from the seagulls, and the multiple starlings I have watched , I’ve enjoyed the little turnstones, which do exactly as their name suggests, and go along the shoreline turning over the little stones in search of tasty morsels! And who could not have seen skinny foxes going along the beach at low water, looking for what I do not know! Of course nowadays those foxes, although still prevalent, are not so skinny and get their pickings from discarded takeaways etc!

On a final note, I also loved going to the shops in the bay, and I seem to remember that the Beach Tavern was once called the Honeypot Tearoom I think, where I would be taken for a treat of a glass of squash and a slice of cake!

I hope this year won’t be the last time I come here for my holidays – as you can tell, Pevensey Bay holds such special memories for me, and I’ve never tired of the simple pleasure this lovely little place holds for me.”